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Isle of Mull


Wild Scotland is never more wild as in Mull.  Even in the coldest March on record for the UK (since 1962) the rugged island has been a beautiful picture of russet-brown and bracken-clad valley. The towering mountain ridges with babbling streams and still lochs are home to an abundance of amazing wildlife. And we were lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of some very special wildlife treats…

In just five days touring the island, exploring  each day from 0ur cabin lodge, we saw: White-tailed Eagles (what locals call “flying barn doors” because of their sheer size – given their 8ft wingspan)  soaring above the ridges and nesting in (“only the tallest”) trees;  red deer  everywhere you looked – including grazing in our garden and right in front of the car before leaping up a cliff-side;  majestic circling Golden Eagles cutting through the skies;  buzzards galore – often being harassed by unusual-looking “hooded” crows; a graceful Hen Harrier flying low over the grassland; not to mention the odd playful otter, swimming and diving in the shallows, bobbing in and out of sight.

What a trip!

Here are a few of my pics:

Our cabin –

Our cabin Mull 0313


The local loch –

Dervaig loch 0313 v1


Some picturesque boat wrecks –
Boat wreck Mull 0313   Icy loch Dervaig 0313

My attempt at a long exposure down by the river (- shame about the splash mark!) –


Long exposure - river running, Mull 0313

Local wildlife –

Hooded crow

Hooded crow Mull 0313


Highland cattle

Mull Angus bw 0313 Mull calf 0313

Tobermory –

Tobermory 0313

And here are some even better ones of our photo story from Mull, March 2013, where we even managed to get a quick snap of an otter!

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