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line …  It’s time to start thinking before we eat.


IF we were to stop the factory farming of animals:

  • Billions of animals will benefit from the end of the confinement, overcrowding, excessive growth rates and overwork that characterise intensive farming.
  • And millions of hungry or malnourished people could benefit too.

That’s why Raw has joined ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ – a powerful and diverse group of 80 organisations working together to lead the fight against the global hunger crisis.

Join the campaign… See an end to global hunger and factory farming too – Sign up here:

Day-to-day we can help… Think before you eat.

  • Stop polluting your body with contaminated factory-farmed meat.
  • Buy local, high-welfare meat and dairy, reduce your consumption of animal protein, buy local, seasonal food and  reduce food waste.


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